Process Documents Faster with effortless OCR online

CloudOCR is an online OCR service for fast and easy data capture. We can OCR invoices, forms, BOLs, drawings, tickets and more. Let us do the work for you!

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Minimum Setup

Just a few configuration clicks and start processing documents



Upload your invoices and receive data into your system


Secure Management Tool

Securely upload your documents, create a backup, and return the processed documents with the data files.


Best Value

Reduce costs on servers, software and staff. Let us do the work!

How it works


Send us or upload your documents

You can forward your invoice email to our special email address or upload files using our Secure Uploader Center (SUC).

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We extract data from your documents with OCR

Once we receive your files our OCR services automatically extract data according to your settings.


We validate and export your data

Our professionally trained staff will verify the accuracy of the OCR, make any corrections and ensure your data is ready for you to use.

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We send you a batch file

We will send you an XML or CSV file along with the documents in PDF or TIFF format for you to load them into your core system.


Integration Services

We have a professional team of individuals ready to help you integrate data files into your ERP system.


You now have all your data captured, validated and working on your system. Optimizing processes and allowing your team to focus on core tasks.

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Sign up and receive your first 100 documents processed with CloudOCR for free!

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Got questions? send us a message or click on the chat icon to talk to one of our OCR experts


CloudOCR has been configured to make any document a candidate for OCR processing. However, we have optimized our solution specifically for Invoices as we have learned through nearly 20 years of processing options and fields that are common for 90% of the clients we meet. So, if you want to process invoices, sign up and follow the easy steps to get started. If there is a need to process any other types of documents, please email us at and we will provide a great OCR solution for you.

Files can be uploaded in PDF or TIF/JPG/PNG/GIF/IMG. If files other than PDF or TIF/JPG/PNG/GIF/IMG are submitted, they will not be processed.

You have two options. You can simply forward your files from an email address to us or use our Secure Management Tool. Emails will automatically be associated to your account because we will notice the from address on the email. We will strip the attachments and place them into the system for OCR processing. Our Secure Management Tool is simple to install. It will monitor a folder on a PC or server within your organization and securely upload the files for processing.

The Secure Management Tool will also provide a secure channel for delivering the files back to your server’s output folder. We will save the CSV or XML files and the related documents in a designated folder so that you can easily automate your processes within your organization.

Once data is captured and validated the Secure Management Tool will provide a secure channel for delivering the files back to your server’s output folder. We will save the CSV or XML files and the related documents in a designated folder so that you can easily automate your processes within your organization.

Our Service Level Agreement with our clients is to process all of the documents that arrive by 12:00pm on the same day. We will process everything within 24 hours of the receipt of the documents.

Cloud OCR is configured to natively extract up to 10 fields that are chosen during the account set up. We can extract any number of data fields from nearly any form. Please send us your requests and we will provide you a quote and plan for processing your documents.

CloudOCR will allow you to upload a vendor file so that we can provide the vendor name and vendor number when recognizing invoices. Custom validations are possible if necessary. Please submit a request and we will get back to you with a quote and plan to process your documents.

Cloud OCR provides a professional staff that will be working to meet your SLA’s. We have been processing documents for nearly 20 years.

Each client that signs up with CloudOCR is assigned an encryption key that is uniquely used to secure the files and transitions of the files.

Due to our need to provide an easy to use system, the out of the box solution will provide a pre-determined format for the CSV. However, if a specific format is necessary, we can provide a proposal for a custom CSV file.

Yes – Our Secure Management Tool is going to be the tool that allows you to upload and receive back files from your organization safely and securely.

Yes, you will have a management dashboard that will show you how many pages and files have been processed and the amount of items that remain in our system to be verified and corrected. More reports will provide clarity into where items are at in the process.

No – Most organizations we meet have an ERP or Accounting System that provides easy and out of the box ways to load in invoices via Excel or XML. However, we do have extensive experience in helping organizations solve this issue. If you need a proposal for services to get the files into your ERP system, please let us know.

We typically can have your organization set up and operational in less than a day for processing OCR. If you are asking for a custom option it takes less than a week to have you operational.

We support English, Spanish, and French currently. The OCR engine is capable of detecting the difference and automatically adjusting this. We simply need to know what to expect.

ISO and we are very close to our SOC 2 compliance. 

We use Amazon AWS for our server infrastructure. Your data goes to the Amazon Cloud and is redundant across several data centers. Amazon is SOC2 compliant and provides us with a very dynamic capability to scale our secure processing center.

Minimum requirements

CPU: Dual Core x64, RAM: 2GB, OS: Windows 10/Windows Server 2012 or newer, NET framework: v4.8, Hard disk: 10GB or larger, Network ports: 443, 80, and 8080 need to allow transmission and receiving.