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Hyland OnBase Workflow and Workview Integration

The CloudOCR solution has been purposely developed with OnBase in mind.  Integrating CloudOCR with OnBase workflow is simple and leverages the power of both solutions seamlessly. CloudOCR delivers either a CSV or XML file along with the documents to process into OnBase in one of three ways. 

Document Import Processor

For capturing Invoice header information only, the Document Import Processor brings in the documents using the CSV option.  Documents are retrieved from the folder where the CloudOCR Secure Management Tool has placed the files.  

XML Document Import Processor

For capturing BOL, material, haul, or any document type that has line items, the XML Document Import Processor is utilized to support Multi instance Keyword Groups in OnBase.

Workflow Automation / Unity API Toolkit

The workflow automation option is used to import the documents into a specific moment in the lifecycle or to attach to a Workview Application.

We recommend setting up an issue management process for items that are determined by CloudOCR as “Cannot be processed” or for “No Vendor Found”.  These two conditions will require resources to review the document information prior to entering normal processing. So, the two options are:


Workflow Queue / Rules

I exception handling queues exist already in a workflow, simply add these conditions to route documents to that validation queue for processing.  Another approach is to build a small workflow that captures these conditions. Staff can then complete the processing of the documents and simply use an Adhoc Task to transition them back to the lifecycle they belong to.  

Custom Scan Queue Process

Another option is to have the documents enter a Custom Scan Queue Process for further processing and review prior to entering workflow.

Utilizing the amazing functionality of OnBase provides an easy way to be live with CloudOCR in less than a few hours.  Please contact us if you need any help with configuring your OnBase solution to work with CloudOCR.