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4 Ways Cloud OCR Improves Information Management

cloud OCR services

It’s been a long time now since businesses started deploying OCR systems.

But in that time, the shortcomings of the technology have largely stayed the same.  

  • Onerous upfront expenses for software licenses and scanners 
  • Complex, time-consuming, and risky system deployments 
  • Expensive open-ended professional services contracts 
  • Complicated IT-intensive integrations with legacy systems 
  • Burdensome and increasingly expensive system maintenance 


It is for these reasons that many businesses never geto where they want to be with OCR. Blame it on the traditional on-premises approach that most businesses use when automating data capture.   

Things are starting to change 

More and more businesses are looking for smart ways to optimize remote working, keep pace with rapidly fluctuating data capture volumes, and more easily leverage the latest tech innovations.  

In particular, they’re embracing cloud OCR services that can extract and verify data from any type of document, including supplier invoice, sales orders, bills of lading, tickets, and drawing sets.   

OCR unleashed 

Cloud services can unleash the full potential of OCR, providing a powerful, cost-effective foundation for digital transformation initiatives.  The move from traditional on-premises data capture system to cloud OCR services is more than a change in the way technology is consumed; it’s a game-changer.     

Migrating from traditional on-premises data capture systems to cloud OCR services fundamentally changes the way that information is captured, providing significant benefits along the way.  

  • Documents are forwarded to a special e-mail address or securely uploaded to the cloud. 
  • Data is extracted from the documents according to pre-configured business rules.  
  • Professionally trained staff verify the accuracy of the OCR results and make any corrections. 
  • The business is sent a batch file with the OCR results, ready for upload into a core system.  


No software, servers, or scanners to buy, install, and maintain.  No document templates to set up. No IT burden. No hardware security to worry about.  No coding required to upload captured data into an ERP application or other core system.  No software upgrades to keep track of and install.   

With just a few configuration clicks, a business can start processing documents with cloud services.    

The results are compelling   

Many businesses find the result so impressive that they’re choosing cloud OCR services as starting point for departmental digital transformation initiatives. It’s not uncommon for a business to initially use cloud OCR services for a single application and then migrate other applications to the cloud.  

Here are four ways that cloud OCR services can accelerate digital transformation initiatives:  

  • Reduce digital transformation costs. Cloud OCR services do not require license fees or pricey maintenance costs. And some cloud OCR services providers offer a “Try Before You Buy” option, ensuring that the software is a good fit before making a financial commitment.  


  • Achieve better data capture results. Leading cloud OCR services guarantee fast turnaround and high accuracy. And professionally trained staff verify capture results.    


  • Improve integration. The cost and complexity of integrating on-premises capture software with core systems often results in data gaps. Cloud OCR services integrate easily with ERPs and other core systems.  Most businesses get started with cloud OCR services within a day. Cloud OCR services can also help businesses ease the onboarding of applications. 


  • Foster innovation. Cloud OCR services enable businesses to continuously evolve their data capture capabilities without burdening IT staff or incurring additional expenses. Software upgrades and data protection safeguards are deployed and scaled instantly and automatically.  


Unlock your data capture 

Many businesses struggle to unlock the full potential of OCR.   

Traditional on-premises data capture systems are largely at fault.   

However, with cloud OCR services, it is possible to achieve optimum results.   

For businesses looking for a better way to capture mission-critical data, CloudOCR can help.  We offer a best-in-class cloud OCR service designed to eliminate the challenges of traditional on-premises systems.  The service can support and accelerate the processing of virtually any document type, enabling businesses to lower costs, improve cycle times, reduce errors, and mitigate risks. 

Join us for a free educational webinar, “How Cloud OCR Fixes Everything You Dislike about Traditional OCR.” 

Or e-mail us for help getting the most out of your data capture initiatives.

Mark Brousseau

Mark Brousseau

Over the past 26 years, Mark Brousseau has established himself as a thought leader on accounts payable, accounts receivable, payments and document automation. A popular speaker at industry conferences and on webinars and podcasts, Brousseau advises prominent end-users and solutions and services providers on how to use automation to improve document- and payments-driven business processes. Brousseau has chaired numerous educational conferences and has served on several industry committees and boards. He resides in Center City Philadelphia with his wife and three sons.


Mark Brousseau

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