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Shift your Data Capture into Overdrive

OCR Data Capture

We’re undergoing a sea change in the way that businesses manage their mission-critical data.

In today’s always-on environment, businesses are focused on improving the quality of information captured and accelerating the delivery of information to downstream people, processes, and systems. Businesses want to eliminate information latency, capturing data as fast and efficiently as possible to ensure the business keeps space with its competitors and delivers an optimum customer experience.     

But the way that most businesses capture data is a speed bump to faster information access.   

Traditional on-premises data capture solutions tend to be hard to cost justify. Most require expensive license fees, pricey hardware to purchase and deploy, and open-ended professional services contracts. On-premises data capture solutions also can be tricky to install and integrate with legacy systems such as ERP platforms.  Many businesses must rekey or cut and paste data from spreadsheets into downstream systems. Some systems only upload information into an ERP or other system of record at the end of a business day. On-premises data capture solutions also are very expensive to maintain. Upgrades typically must be manually installed and may disrupt custom code or brittle integrations.      

And most on-premises systems were built to capture paper documents, not electronic ones.    

Data capture is fundamental to achieving high performance information management. But traditional on-premises approaches to data capture are slowing businesses down. And businesses are falling further behind all the time.  Every day, more information is created that needs to be captured. To jump start their data capture, increasingly businesses are migrating to cloud-based OCR services.    

How to Power Up Your Data Capture 

Cloud-based OCR services are now available to help businesses overcome the challenges of traditional on-premises data capture systems and accelerate the delivery of information.  

Documents are forwarded to a special e-mail address or securely uploaded. The cloud OCR service extracts the data from the documents based on pre-configured business rules. Professionally trained staff verify the accuracy of the captured data and make any corrections. A batch file is then sent to the business, ready for upload into its ERP or system of record. The business receives captured data in an XML or CSV file, as well as images of the documents in PDF or TIFF format.  Leading cloud OCR services providers also will help a business integrate data files into their system of record.      

This modern approach to data capture eliminates the challenges of traditional on-premises systems, providing businesses of all sizes with an easier and more economical way to capture mission-critical information quickly and accurately. Cloud OCR services put businesses on the fast track to success:      

  • Low cost of ownership. Unlike on-premises data capture systems, cloud OCR services do not require license fees or pricey maintenance contracts.  Users only pay for what they need.  And businesses won’t have to purchase, deploy and maintain expensive document scanners.     
  • Ease-of-deployment. Compared to traditional on-premises data capture systems, cloud OCR services can be deployed faster and with a lot less IT involvement or risk of implementation issues.  And leading cloud OCR services can be integrated with legacy systems without the need for coding.  In fact, businesses can start using cloud OCR services within one day.   
  • Better results. Many traditional on-premises data capture systems fall short of expectations. But cloud OCR services providers guarantee turnaround times and data capture accuracy.  And the “try before you buy” option offered by some cloud OCR services providers enables businesses to see the results they can achieve before making a big financial commitment.   


Cloud OCR services help businesses achieve better results when capturing information from customer sales orders, supplier invoices, bills of lading, customer onboarding documents, and more.  

Shift into high gear with cloud OCR services 

Whether you’re trying to eliminate paper, or you’re looking to shift the way you currently capture data into high gear, CloudOCR has the services and the know-how to support your efforts.   

To learn more about cloud OCR services, join us for our upcoming educational webinar, “How Cloud OCR Fixes Everything You Dislike about Traditional OCR.”  

Ready to learn more about our cloud OCR services?  Let’s arrange a time to chat about your needs.  

Mark Brousseau

Mark Brousseau

Over the past 26 years, Mark Brousseau has established himself as a thought leader on accounts payable, accounts receivable, payments and document automation. A popular speaker at industry conferences and on webinars and podcasts, Brousseau advises prominent end-users and solutions and services providers on how to use automation to improve document- and payments-driven business processes. Brousseau has chaired numerous educational conferences and has served on several industry committees and boards. He resides in Center City Philadelphia with his wife and three sons.


Mark Brousseau

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